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This is Dirty Three

Dirty Three are an Australian three piece playing unique music that people often describe as post-rock, but
is a thousand other things. This is Dirty Three is a best of playlist.

This is Jeff Parker (Tortoise)

Jeff Parker is the guitarist from Tortoise, and many other excellent Chicago jazz outfits, and this is a playlist capturing some of his best work.

This is Jason Molina

I’ve previously attempted to highlight the genius of Jason Molina and his various...

This is Damien Jurado

If you don’t know who Damien Jurado is yet, you are in for a treat! Despite releasing his...


This isn’t really a review, but more a wee homage to a band doing some great stuff at the...

Rachael Dadd

People (darn those ‘people’) bandy around so many descriptions of singers’...

Sir Richard Bishop

Sir Richard Bishop is one third of the band Sun City Girls. The three people that comprise Sun...