Is there a best of Tipper?

Good question. Yes, there is now. This mix pulls from Dave Tipper’s whole back catalogue up until 2023 to give a great ‘best of’ or “Intro to Tipper”. Including from releases like Forward Escape, Marble Hunting, Broken Soul Jamboree, Surrounded and Jettison Mind Hatch, but also from Lattice, Insolito, The Seamless Unspeakable Something, Holding Pattern, Fathoms, Tip Hop, Flunked, The Critical Path and probably more.

Turns out, he’s a prolific and an excellent musician, so the ‘best of Tipper’ finished product is actually split across two mixes. For obvious reasons, called Part 1 and… wait for it, yep, Part 2.

The two mixes were grouped on the basis of Camelot scale (eg. harmonic mixing compatibility) and relative BPMs.

In hindsight, it may have been a better idea to separate the glitch hop weirdos, from the DF fillers, and also from the face-melting-360-audio experiences. But then, that’s typical hindsight isn’t it. Smug li’l bugger.

Perhaps those mixes will follow, but for now, enjoy the fully immersive, 360 surround sound bangers…