Vapor twitch is a music genre related to vaporwave, but bringing in the edginess of glitch, dubstep and some bass music. This is a vapor twitch mix with some of the biggest tracks from the genre.

Bear in mind I’m using as the arbiter of what is and isn’t vapor twitch, and then blatently broke the boundaries with some vaporwave and stuff I-like-that-I-thought-would-fit, which is after all, one of my favourite genres!

As well as the music, we’ve got John Cazale’s outstanding Dog Day Afternoon performance, robbing a bank and persuading a hostage not to smoke. A rare dadaist ‘sound poem’ from the early 1900s, performed just after the second World War which kind of works as a vapor twitch rap style… the inevitable Pulp Fiction clip owing to Zeds Dead’s artist name, and at the end we’re wrapped in a warm blanket of Oneohtrix Point Never and George Saunders’ advice to new graduates on kindness.

Tracklist is:

  1. charlesthefirst – Mercy Falls (feat Raoul Hausmann, 1946)
  2. IMANU – Empress (Zeds Dead remix)
  3. Zeds Dead x GRiZ – Ecstasy of Soul
  4. SoDown – Dinero
  5. Medasin – Everytime
  6. SoDown x DNMO – Underground (KYRAL and BANKO remix)
  7. INZO – Overthinker
  8. NGHTMRE & IDK – Trials
  9. Billie Eilish – Bury A Friend
  10. Tipper – Vection
  11. Louis The Child – Dragnet
  12. Magic Sword – Reborn
  13. MEMBA x Party Favor x VinDon – Apply The Pressure
  14. Electric Mantis – Daybreak
  15. VOJ, Narvent – Memory Reboot
  16. DROELOE x IMANU – Catalyst
  17. ASHEZ – HYPE
  18. Atmosphere – GodLovesUgly (Zeds Dead remix)
  19. Oneohtrix Point Never – The Station (feat. George Saunders)