This is my mix of the classic Ninja Tune compilation album, Funkjazztical Tricknology. Check it out on Mixcloud 🙂

I also recently mixed the compilation that came out the year after this, Flexistentialism, which veered into a bit of d’n’b as well as the staple Ninja territory of instrumental hip hop beats and interesting jazzy basslines with a hint of world music every so often.

There really isn’t a weak track on this record, but the bassline from opener Dark Lady really sticks with you! I dirtied it up a little just for the heck of it, but this is essentially pretty faithful to the original recordings. It also includes my all time favourite Funki Porcini track, which just had to be the closer.

From Mixcloud:

This show was 6th in the global trip hop chart, 7th in the global instrumental hip hop chart and 82nd in the global ambient chart.

Tracklist is:

  1. Dark Lady(ies) – DJ Food (+ Skint + 808 State mixes)
  2. Mella – DJ Food
  3. Rusty Goes Gaga – DJ Toolz
  4. The Real Killer – The Herbaliser
  5. Dark Aeco – DJ Food
  6. Train – 9 Lazy 9 (Marden Hill remix)
  7. Y Ahora Tu – Up, Bustle & Out
  8. Coffee At Senor Roody’s – Up, Bustle & Out
  9. Consciousness v.2 (Ultraconsciousness) – DJ Food (Ashley Beadle remix)
  10. Dub Lion (Remake) – DJ Food
  11. Listen To The Beat – London Funk Allstars
  12. Black Jesus – 9 Lazy 9
  13. The Herb – 9 Lazy 9
  14. Dark Blood – DJ Food
  15. Electric Lazyland – 9 Lazy 9
  16. Eine Kleine Hedmusik – Coldcut
  17. Deep Shit pt 1 & pt 2 – Kruder & Dorfmeister
  18. Onamission – Coldcut
  19. Sunvibes – DJ Food (Attica Blues remix)
  20. It’s A Long Road – Funki Porcini