Funki Porcini has been pumping out great records solidly for a good few decades now. I first heard of him via It’s a Long Road which featured on countless compilations, and was released in 1995 on his Hed Phone Sex album. Since then albums such as Fast Asleep, On, The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds, and 2022’s Where The Sauce Is Deluxe maintain the extremely high standards of creativity that mark his career.

All told, this makes the creation of a ‘best of Funki Porcini’ quite an undertaking. I had 30 albums and EPs to draw from, and no doubt still missed some with my collection.

The lazy option for a trip hopper of this era was to just keep churning out the nice beats with some variations of soul or world samples. Until of course everyone got bored of mass produced samey trip hop.

Funki Porcini didn’t do that.

He’s got albums rooted in ambient explorations, others much more upbeat and bordering on the dancey. But he’s always kept the tempos and samples a bit weird, twisted or in some way interesting. In other words, he’s making music that is a nightmare to most DJs. Rhythms change halfway, tempos speed up and slow down like a drug-addled 70s funk band. And it all basically sounds quite organic and beautiful.

Anyway, enough hagiography – have a listen to the mix!

From Mixcloud: This show was 1st in the global trip hop chart, 1st in the global instrumental hip hop chart, 7th in the global beats chart, 13th in the global chillout chart and 17th in the global electronica chart.

As happened with Luke Vibert and Amon Tobin, trying to compress a multi-decades long career into a 1 hour mix proved too much. So this is The Best of Funki Porcini – part 1.

Part 2 will follow…