This is a mix of the compilation album “An Endless Journey – From Ambient to Trip Hop” allegedly Vol. 2, but it was actually the first (and best) of three compilations from Italian record label, A Family Affair.

Check out the Mixcloud embed to listen to my take on this classic.

This compilation came out in 1996 at a time when the term ‘trip hop’ was pretty new still, and the ambient genre was still largely defined by Brian Eno albums, but it’s definitely worth a listen as an excellent snap shot of the time, but also as it brought together some first class talent. It’s also not available on the streaming services I know of, so this may be your only chance for a splash of nostalgia!

Tracklist is:

  1. Nobukazu Takemura – Crescent (Monika’s Universe Mix)
  2. Silent Poets – Elements
  3. S-Tone Inc. – The Sweetest Thing
  4. Yada Yada – The Journey Within
  5. D*Note – D*Votion
  6. Capitaine Nemo – Transmission
  7. Ghittoni – Derek Jarman BLUEs
  8. Visit Venus – Harlem Overdrive
  9. A.P.E. – No. 5
  10. Vibrazioni Productions – Jean Seberg #2
  11. Reflection – The Wall With Paintings
  12. Upanishad – The Waters Ritual