Amon Tobin’s been bending my brain since his first album Adventures In Foam under the nom de musique, Cujo, back in 1996. If there was any justice in the world, his extraordinary musical creativity and innovations would make him a household name. But as it is, he’s just that Brazilian dude who was on Ninja Tune for quite a while!

If you don’t know Amon Tobin, maaaaaaaaaaaaaan are you in for a treat!

Prepare to expand your mind, it’s fantastic stuff. Let me know what you think of the mix too. I made a tracklist of my favourite Amon Tobin tracks that was so long, I had to make a second part to this “Best of Amon Tobin” mix.

From Mixcloud: This show was 24th in the global bass chart, 31st in the global drum & bass chart, 57th in the global beats chart and 79th in the global edm chart.

Tracks below are song title, album and artist where it’s not Amon Tobin:

  1. Full Panther – Long Stories
  2. Dust For A Duster – Long Stories
  3. On A Hilltop Sat The Moon – Fear in a Handful of Dust
  4. Bloodstone – Foley Room
  5. The Killer’s Vanilla – Foley Room
  6. Slowly – Supermodified
  7. Ol’ Bunkhouse – Adventures in Foam – Cujo
  8. Lost & Found – ISAM
  9. Nova – Permutation
  10. Journeyman – ISAM
  11. At The End of the Day – Foley Room
  12. Yasawas – Bricolage
  13. Stoney Street – Bricolage
  14. Nightlife – Permutation
  15. Breakcharmer – Adventures in Foam – Cujo
  16. Deo – Supermodified
  17. Nepalese Bliss (Amon Tobin remix) – Nepalese Bliss single – The Irresistible Force
  18. El Cargo – Chaos Theory
  19. Monkey Box – Time to Run – Only Child Tyrant
  20. Fight! Fight! Fight! – Fight! Fight! Fight! – Two Fingers (feat Amon Tobin)
  21. Like Regular Chickens – Permutation
  22. Grief (Amon Tobin remix) – Grief single – Ryuichi Sakamoto
  23. Mighty Micro People – Out From Out Where
  24. Defocus – Bricolage
  25. 4 Ton Mantis – Supermodified
  26. Keep Your Distance – Foley Room
  27. Fat Ass Joint – Adventures in Foam – Cujo
  28. Verbal – Out From Out Where