A second run at the perfect Amon Tobin ‘best of’ mix! Part one of these mixes is over here, but I think I might prefer part two… maybe that’s because I’ve just finished it…

Amon Tobin is one of my favourite artists from one of my favourite record labels, Ninja Tune. His love of (and borrowing of) jazz of all eras, and his creativity with beats, is just amazing.

Not quite sure about his love of large preying mantis, but hey ho, makes for a great song!

From Mixcloud: This show was 1st in the global idm chart, 3rd in the global drum & bass chart, 5th in the global bass chart, 7th in the global beats chart and 12th in the global electronica chart.

Tracklist below, leave a comment if I missed any of his classics. I may also have an unhealthy obsession with his first three to four albums as I listened to them on repeat for years and years…

Tracks below are song title, album and artist where it’s not Amon Tobin:

  1. Four Ton Mantis (inc. Bonobo mix) – Supermodified
  2. Cat People – Adventures In Foam – Cujo
  3. Keep Your Distance – Foley Room
  4. The Nasty – Bricolage
  5. Verbal (inc. Prefuse 73 and Boom Bip remixes) – Out From Out Where
  6. Bad Sex – Fungkungfusion Ninja Tune compilation
  7. Down & To The Left – Fungkungfusion Ninja Tune compilation
  8. Sordid – Permutation
  9. Get Your Snack On – Supermodified
  10. Chocolate Lovely – Supermodified
  11. Eight Sum – Ninja Tune XX compilation
  12. Rise To Ashes – How Do You Live (2021)
  13. Back From Space – Out From Out Where
  14. Like Regular Chickens (inc. Dillinja and Danny Breaks mixes) – Permutation
  15. Creatures (inc. Hidden Agenda mix) – Bricolage
  16. Esther’s – Foley Room
  17. Paris Streatham – Adventures In Foam – Cujo
  18. Traffic – Adventures In Foam – Cujo
  19. Fast Eddie – Permutation
  20. Switch – Permutation
  21. Piranha Breaks – Piranha Breaks EP (1997)
  22. Northstar – Adventures In Foam – Cujo
  23. Easy Muffin – Bricolage
  24. Chomp Samba – Bricolage
  25. A Vida – Adventures In Foam – Cujo