The second Luke Vibert mix of the Luke-Vibert-a-thon features tracks from his Wagon Christ, Amen Andrews, Plug, Kerrier District and Spac Hand Luke identities.

Luke Vibert is both extraordinarily prolific, and also spectacularly versatile. Makes you sick really!

I didn’t realise how much I liked all his different incarnations, but he does somehow bring a really particular character to everything he does. Anys, check out the music!

From Mixcloud:

This show was 9th in the global drum & bass chart, 23rd in the global beats chart, 37th in the global electronica chart and 57th in the global edm chart.

  1. Acid2000 – Luke Vibert
  2. I Love Acid – Luke Vibert
  3. Saddic Gladdic – Wagon Christ
  4. Analord – Luke Vibert
  5. Disco Nasty – Kerrier District
  6. Shadows – Wagon Christ
  7. Slipped Disc – Luke Vibert
  8. Am I Still Dreaming? – Luke Vibert
  9. Spiral Staircase (AFX mix) – Luke Vibert & Aphex Twin
  10. Reality Check – Luke Vibert
  11. Analog Generique – Luke Vibert & Jean-Jacques Perry
  12. London Is A Country – Wagon Christ
  13. London – Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke
  14. Receiver – Wagon Christ
  15. Start The Panic – Luke Vibert & BJ Cole
  16. Comfycozy – Luke Vibert
  17. DBC 1 – Amen Andrews
  18. DBC – Plug
  19. Fused Into Music – Luke Vibert
  20. 1000001 Style – Amen Andrews

And to play them both, hit up this Luke Vibert mixes playlist, and check out the other Luke Vibert mix here.