Luke Vibert (aka Amen Andrews, Wagon Christ, Plug, etc) is a total legend. Under all these guises he’s made some absolutely banging tracks, which I’ve pulled together into a couple of mixes featuring greats from across the years and incarnations.

The first is the more chilled of the two, particularly featuring work under his own name, some chilled collabs, and the cheeky upbeat trip hop of Wagon Christ.

From Mixcloud:

This show was 1st in the global trip hop chart, 2nd in the global idm chart, 19th in the global beats chart, 38th in the global electronica chart and 46th in the global edm chart.

The tracklist is:

  1. I Hear The Drummer (Tunng Edit) – Quincy & Zen Cuts Allstars
  2. My Style – Luke Vibert
  3. Rank Rink Ring – Luke Vibert
  4. Schwing – Luke Vibert & Jean Jacques Perry
  5. No Turn Unstoned – Luke Vibert
  6. God – Luke Vibert Presents Amen Andrews
  7. Hot Fingers – Luke Vibert
  8. Fly Hawaii – Luke Vibert & BJ Cole
  9. Funky Acid Stuff – Luke Vibert
  10. Free Bass – Wagon Christ
  11. Dischordzilla – Luke Vibert & BJ Cole
  12. Swing Lite – Alright – Luke Vibert & BJ Cole
  13. Get Your Head Down – Luke Vibert
  14. Bend Over – Wagon Christ
  15. M.A.R.S. – Luke Vibert
  16. Dream 106 – Luke Vibert & Jean Jacques Perry
  17. My Organ In Your Face – Wagon Christ
  18. So Long – Outro – Luke Vibert

And to play them both, hit up this Luke Vibert mixes playlist.