The Wall Of Sound record label put out a series of compilations in the 1990s called Give ‘Em Enough Dope. This is a mix of the best tracks from those. It’s hard to nail down a genre that encapsulates the compilations, but they definitely helped create the blueprint for big beat, while also embracing trip hop, instrumental hip hop and acid jazz (some of those tracks didn’t make the cut!)

From Mixcloud: This show was 1st in the global trip hop chart, 1st in the global idm chart, 22nd in the global beats chart and 30th in the global electronica chart.

Check out the show here on Mixcloud, or in the player.

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Sour Times (Lot More Mix) – Portishead
  2. Up Against The Wall – Pressure Drop
  3. Breathe In – Howie B
  4. Blacker (Sweet Green Jam) – The Ballistic Brothers vs The Eccentric Afros
  5. High Noon – Kruder & Dorfmeister
  6. Mekon – Phatty’s Lunch Box (Sureshit Mix)
  7. Perfect Day – The Ballistic Brothers
  8. To The Bone (Let’s Get Stoned) – Children of Judah
  9. Take California – Propellerheads
  10. Autosuggest – Tiny Stars
  11. In The Trees (Original Disco Mix) – Faze Action
  12. Consciousness (Ashley Beadle Mix) – DJ Food
  13. Take That Sun Away (Multiplicity Mix) – F.R.I.S.K.
  14. Herbs & Spices – Hustlers of Culture
  15. Rester Eveille (Riviera Traxx Dub) – Rollercone
  16. My Heart Sings- – Freakpower In Dub
  17. The Real Vibes – The Wiseguys
  18. Last Breath (Electro Re-Skank) – Mekon
  19. Birth – Howie B
  20. Sleeper – Deep Freeze Productions
  21. Horny Mutant Jazz – T-Power vs MK-Ultra
  22. Young Men – Kruder & Dorfmeister