For years the Dirty Three have been referred to as a ‘unique’ band, and while most who are described as such are hotly followed by impersonators, Dirty Three remain unique. The closest comparators might be along the lines of the Godspeed You! Black Emperor / Constellation Records alumni or perhaps the atmospherics of bands like Charalambides, but none are really that similar.

There’s no intro playlist to them on Spotify, so I’ve pulled this one together. Dirty Three is an Australian post-rock or instrumental rock group comprised of Warren Ellis (violin and bass guitar), Mick Turner (electric and bass guitars) and Jim White (drums). They have a reputation for exhilarating live shows, to the extent that Ellis was once pronounced dead on stage after a particularly energetic set, and the Guardian described the recent reprise of their first album in Sydney as ‘flawless’. In other plaudits, Rolling Stone named their 1996 album, Horse Stories no.3 in their albums of the year.