that moment our eyes met
just walking down the street.
there’s no emoji for it, nor
an app that can deliver it to your door
(traffic contingent within 30 minutes or your money back)

that moment our eyes met
just finding a seat on the bus.
watching the mediocrity of day to day
blur, like a bokeh effect on a teen movie
(that you definitely wouldn’t watch now, but watching it again reminds you of being young)

that moment our eyes met
just doing your thing at work.
a single blink and the spell’s broken, but
the moment echoes for the rest of the day
(the next 40 years together played out before a blink and can never be deleted from either of us)

that moment our eyes met
just starting to talk for the first time.
part of a larger group, but
seeing each other fresh like we just met
(and the light that floods both our eyes comes from the same place)

that moment your eyes met
just catching up after 10 years.
it was that moment. that damn moment. why didn’t we just.
next time i’ll hold out my heart. you’ll shout out your heart.
next time.

next life.