Named after Scott Walker’s fourth album, this band of electronic cowpunks were active from the late ’90s to mid ’00s.

When live they had a band with as many as 11 members, but the core of the group was Scott Blixen, John Moody & Ed Tilley.

Curiously they’re another East London band, presumably before the magnifying glass of vapid hipster fashion focused on Hoxton.

Their style was somewhere between krautrock, hip hop, punk, blues, indie folk hop and country, hence the electronic cowpunk title, and explaining the influence of Scott Walker. I’m sure some idiot music magazine somewhere described them as the British Beck, but I think they were probably even more experimental.

Finding a song to represent Scott 4‘s sound is almost impossible, so instead Philly’s Song is simply one of their best moments.

If you want to listen to other tracks, try Your Kingdom To Dust and Hallo Doctor.