As tends to happen with UK-based artists, Spotify can be quite slow to create a playlist to pull together their best work. But that’s why fans are here 🙂

Matthew Halsall’s 2020 album Salute To The Sun was my favourite album of the year (tied with Keleketla’s awesome eponymous LP). As I’ve previously said, I’m not musically educated enough to comment on his particular style and phrasing, but I get the sense of Coltrane from how he plays, a degree more sensitivity than Miles Davis, and at moments a soul-slapping melancholy that floors me. And at other times, extraordinary uplifts.

Anyhoo – there was no ‘This Is Matthew Halsall’ on Spotify and it was kind of annoying as I could listen to it endlessly, and now fully intend to.

If you like it, please follow it on Spotify so it’s bookmarked for you, and it’s also a nice way to let me know other folks like similar tunes!