A good mix should take you on a journey, ideally not down familiar roads. This is that kind of mix, whether good or not.

There are a handful of tracks from the last few years, and roughly the same from the previous century. The Love section is the oldest, and the musical origins include Jamaica, Brazil, Japan as well as the US and UK. In terms of styles of music, I’m not even sure I know what half of it could be described as, but there’s certainly nu jazz, post-rock, afrobeat, L.A. and trad rock, experimental, freak folk, world fusion, avant jazz, Brazilian instrumental… pop(?), trip hop and whatever C.J. Boyd calls the thing he does with his bass and friends!

The samples come from A Ghost Story, Fight Club, a self help tape and Nomadland. Graphics by Butcher Billy.

  1. Black MountainMothers Of The Sun (2016) // Bob DylanAll The Tired Horses (1970)
  2. Damon Locks Black Monument EnsembleStatement Of Intent/Black Monument Theme (2019)
  3. Ikebe ShakedownAdonai (2020)
  4. Damien JuradoQachina (2016)
  5. LoveThe Red Telephone (1967)
  6. The RevolutionariesKunta Kinte Dub (1976)
  7. Doug Hream BluntGentle Persuasion (2015)
  8. Nightmares On WaxYou Wish (feat Mozez) (2006)
  9. Lo BorgesCalibre (1972)
  10. KOKOROKOTi-de (2019)
  11. C.J. BoydBoulevards (2019)
  12. CarolineDark Blue (2020)
  13. Alabaster DePlumeWhisky Story Time (2020)
  14. Ted LucasIt Is So Nice To Get Stoned
  15. Takuya KurodaRising Son (2014)
  16. Pharoah SandersLove Is Everywhere (1973)
  17. Makaya McCravenButterscotch (2015)
  18. Timber TimbreGrifting (2017)