Darkness is the lie,
A lie only a suburb of the soul can see;
Whispering, shuddering darkness,
Silent and smooth as night.

Engulfing darkness, smothering sharp senses,
Claiming fresh cerebral sonnets.
Sleep, insanity touches you darkly,
“Madness? Nae, tis but a shadow on my soul.”

What possible torment rests with me in the dark?

Stark, shock, an idea, thought, drifting
Waterfalls of interference push swirling dark mists.

Light, bright, is hard, cold, deadly,
Dark, dim, deep, sleep, slide slowly.
Down below the water of sub-conscious,
Alone, but living (lying), longing for this dark.

In here there are no stars,
No concessions, no dark secrets, something, no one will know.
Only one here, a genius, philanthropist,
But a dark horse in the light.

The dark comforts, but the dark destroys decision.