‘If we stand on the roof and stretch our arms, can we touch the sky?’
‘Not if we stand on the roof here,’ he said. ‘But if you stand on a coconut tree you can touch the sky.’
‘Have you done it?’ asked Leela.
‘Yes, many times’ said Sidda. ‘Whenever there is a big moon, I climb a coconut tree and touch it.’
‘Does the moon know you?’
‘Yes, very well. Now come with me. I will show you something nice.’ They were standing near the rose plant. He said, pointing, ‘You see the moon there, don’t you?’
‘Now come with me,’ he said, and took her to the backyard. He stopped near the well and pointed up. The moon was there, too. Leela clapped her hands and screamed in wonder, ‘The moon here! It was there! How is it?’
‘I have asked it to follow us about.’