Since I first saw it 10 years ago as a student, I’ve been a huge fan of the ‘original shockumentary’ Mondo Cane, and managed to find an 8 DVD version from the states. The original Mondo Cane is infinitely better than the reprisals, sequels and reedits that followed, but of course they are all as flawed as The Golden Bough viewed from an anthropological perspective.

However, the footage they took of the world in the 1950s is remarkable. So when Mike Patton’s new project was going to be borrowing the name of a classic cult film, it had to be good.

It’s better than good though, so it’s ok. Mondo Cane (A Dog’s Life in Italian) is a collection of Mike Patton singing various Italian oldies and opera numbers, which doesn’t necessarily bode well, but check it out:

In contention for my album of the year already…