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The Wall

Mornings on the Wall, dawn and dusk and night, were times for poetry. Skyconcretewaterwind....

Catch 22

And now you could read... Catch 22 Catch 22 Catch 22 Tenth of December The Wall 4 3 2 1 Tags:...

The Dispossessed

Atro had once explained to him how this was managed, how the sergeants could give the privates orders, how the lieutenants could give the privates and the sergeants orders, how the captains… and so on and so on up to the generals, who could give everyone else orders and need take them from none, except the commander in chief. Shevek had listened with incredulous disgust. “You call that organization?” he had inquired. “You even call it discipline? But it is neither. It is a coercive mechanism of extraordinary inefficiency

Catch 22

They were the most depressing group of people Yossarian had ever been with. They were always in...