Prefuse 73 mix alert! How did it take so long to get round to this one?! I love Prefuse 73, but have to admit, I do think some of the albums could be edited a little, and some of the guest rappers… lets just say they’re not my cup of Hennessy.

But the beats and production, goddamn!

This mix is exclusively Prefuse 73 tracks, but if you were making a best of instrumental hip hop / abstract hip hop / idm mix, you’d need to include a few of his tracks any which way, so it just makes sense.

Tracks drawn from these albums and EPs: Extinguished, Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives, The Class of 73 Bells, One Word Extinguisher, Preparations & Interregnums, Fudge Beats, Prefuse 73 Reads The Books, Surrounded By Silence, Every Color of Darkness, The ’92 vs ’02 Collection, Sacrifices, Up Too Early, Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian, Security Screenings and The Failing Institute of Season No. 2.

Oh yeah, and just because it’s flavour of the month, all the artwork for this mix was done by prompting Dall-E to give me Prefuse 73 imagery. Creepy and clever (and apologies for the IP it may be breaking for existing artists). A neat loopback as the first IDM compilation (and origin of the name) is the Warp compilation, Artificial Intelligence!