Campaigning with Pinterest for fundraising or to drive actions on a website looks like an interesting new trend in e-campaigning.
I’m just starting to play with the site and explore what it can do, and will share here anything useful that comes up. For instance – did you know you can embed a Pinterested thing (wow – gotta work on the language around this!)

Here’s an embedded ‘Pin’:

Feel free to hook up with me on Pinterest, and I’d obviously really welcome your thoughts on how this is going to be an effective tool as well – that’s why there’s a comments area at the bottom of this page 🙂


How Pinterest is being used at the moment is very interesting. The ever on-the-ball Mashable have already done their first infographic about it:

Pinterest Infographic from Mashable

And here’s their follow up:

If you’re craving more info, check out Michael Litman’s presentation.