This was very nearly called Sententious Platitudes in tribute to this Bertrand Russell wisdom that’s even more true now, than when he wrote it in 1943…

Instead this has nothing to do with the pictured ‘Beats’ (Kerouac and Burroughs) but is #beats music and instrumental hip hop.

With contributions from Black Sabbath, Durutti Column, Pixies, Mclusky and the Wu Tang Clan, it’s surprising this is as mellow as it is!

Full tracklist is here, please enjoy and share if you do 🙂

  1. Outer Space – Ken Nordine
  2. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
  3. Bangers – Ogmios School of Zen Motoring (Geecologist mix)
  4. Fuck this Band / Love & War – Mclusky, Dilated Peoples (Geecologist mix)
  5. Gigantic / CREAM – Pixies, Wu Tang Clan (Geecologist mix)
  6. Outro – Luke Vibert
  7. The 10th Victim – The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination
  8. Four Ton Mantis – Amon Tobin
  9. The Crow – DJ Food
  10. Busy Signal (Make You Go Bombing mix) – Prefuse 73
  11. Sketch For Summer – The Durutti Column
  12. Insects Are All Around Us – Money Mark
  13. In My Head – Tommy Guerrero
  14. TNT (Nobukazu Takemura mix) – Tortoise
  15. Planet Caravan (Geecologist mix) – Black Sabbath
  16. Flowers – The Cinematic Orchestra
  17. Soft Music Under The Stars – Fila Brazillia