noun [c] informal
UK /ˈkuːl.hʌn.tə/
Coolhunting is a neologism coined in the early 1990s referring to a new kind of marketing professional who would make observations and predictions in changes of new or existing “cool” cultural fads and trends. Coolhunting is also referred to as “trend spotting,” and is a subset of trend analysis.

This playlist actively reduces build-up of ‘coolhunter’ marketers telling you what music you should listen to, although no marketers were actually harmed in the making of this Spotify playlist. Just their pride wounded.

Killing Coolhunters is a passively crowdsourced list that brings together staff recommendations from Mexican Summer, Matador, WARP, Joyful Noise Recordings, Le Guess Who, Rough Trade, Kill Rock Stars, Pitchfork, Fat Cat Records, with the London Barbican’s recommendations, Rhymesayers’ magazine’s favourites, Stereogum’s picks, Danger Mouse’s ‘jukebox’, recommendations from Worldwide FM and so on.

De-dupe, and refresh every morning and you have the best and freshest 250 track playlist of new music possible. If you find a better list, let me know and I’ll loop it into this!