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How many times have you woken up and thought, “I wanna listen to some doomjazz, but...

HI-FI of ’59

1956 was the year that defined jazz, in many ways it was the future of jazz to come.

Beat Poetry

This was very nearly called Sententious Platitudes in tribute to this Bertrand Russell wisdom...

Nu Jazz City

Wesley Snipes and the New Jack City crew I’m sure would appreciate the appropriation of the...

This is Dirty Three

Dirty Three are an Australian three piece playing unique music that people often describe as post-rock, but
is a thousand other things. This is Dirty Three is a best of playlist.

This is Jeff Parker (Tortoise)

Jeff Parker is the guitarist from Tortoise, and many other excellent Chicago jazz outfits, and this is a playlist capturing some of his best work.