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The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock

let us go then, you and i, when the evening is spread out against the sky, like a patient etherised upon a table; let us go, through certain half-deserted streets, the muttering retreats of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels, and sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells: streets that follow like a tedious argument of insidious intent to lead you to an overwhelming question… oh, do not ask, “what is it?” let us go and make our visit. And now you could read... The Pale King If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller Rabbit, Run The Two Kings and the Two...

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Time Keeping Time

In advertising terms, I would always be classed as the ‘before’ rather than ‘after’, whether before cosmetic surgery, low-fat biscuits or psychotherapy. Strangely I often felt somehow more than the after though… In hindsight I think this was probably a perspective derived from appalling time-keeping. I was generally significantly ‘after’ and would have missed my appointment for cosmetic psychotherapy whether they had biscuits or not. And now you could read... Politics and the English Language If you have come to help me… The Betrayal of the West The Psychopath Test The Malay Archipelago Progressive and radical activist training materials Tags: advertising, before and after, biscuits, psychotherapy, time,...

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