People (darn those ‘people’) bandy around so many descriptions of singers’ voices that they start to become mundane. The ‘awesome’ effect if you will, whereupon receiving a cup of tea, I now fight the urge to indicate I am struck with awe.

Rachael Dadd however has such a voice. It transcends descriptors. It runs up behind you to hug you in the warmest and most comforting embrace imaginable.

Her new single is a split release with husband ICHI, and maintains the extraordinarily high standards she has set for herself. Make A Sentence begins with ICHI ‘playing’ the typewriter and through a quiet implosion of percussive instrumentation and strings (ukulele would be my guess), blossoms into a hummable and chirpy staccato work of beauty.

I’ve just played the 7″, but luckily as you’re reading this digitally, you can hear it here:

Please consider visiting Rachael’s Bandcamp to purchase the above single, her albums, or just to show your appreciation.

Her last album is out on Broken Sound London, and the single below from it, demonstrates once again her exemplary song-writing and delivery.

The album is wonderful and definitely worth checking out along with older tracks. If you have somehow remained unmoved thus far by my worrying obsession with Rachael’s extraordinary voice, hopefully this final track (a cover of English murder ballad The Twa Sisters) might finally win you over.

With so much music available to us all now, it’s hard to absorb everything and have the time to hear things that aren’t marketed to us from all the media channels pumping music into our ears. So I hope this short homage excites you enough to check out some more of Rachael Dadd’s recordings.