Don Caballero (Don Cab) are a band I’ve been putting off writing about, because gushing reviews get tiresome pretty quickly, especially if you don’t agree.

Having a chat with a couple of colleagues who are serious cassetteheads the other day, I realised Don Cab on the whole aren’t that well known. And so I figured probably even less so their “best” album. It was World Class Listening Problem that got the hype (at least in the UK) as the music press actually caught up with “Math” (yeh, they hate that label, i hate that label, we hate that label. Name a label a band liked?!)

So this is kind of an excuse to share their album American Don. Please listen to the below in your leisure time, on headphones if possible, otherwise seriously crank it!

The Peter Criss Jazz:

These tracks all date from when Ian Williams (now Battles) was playing guitar for them, and the legendary octopus of drumming, Damon Che took care of beats.

Details on How To Get ICEMAN On Your License Plate:

You Drink A Lot Of Coffee For A Teenager